SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop
10 is the compelling alternative to Windows Vista.

You need secure, reliable desktops that are ready for your business, and you shouldn't have to pay a fortune in upgrade and licensing costs to get them. Before you sign up for more expensive desktop systems from Microsoft, take a look at SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop.

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SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop already compares favorably with Windows Vista in terms of usability/functionality while gaining the lead over Microsoft in desktop innovation. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop delivered functionality in July 2006 that Microsoft had been trying to include in Windows Vista during the five years since Windows XP was released.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop offers usability and functionality comparable to Windows Vista and exceeding that of Windows XP. The following table provides a quick and easy comparison of bundled functionality:


SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is an attractive alternative to Vista for a mere US$50 annual subscription. The initial cost of Windows Vista is six times higher. Add in maintenance and Vista becomes more than seven times as expensive over one year or more than four times as expensive over three years:

  SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop Windows Vista Business Edition
License/Subscription Fee US$50 US$299
Maintenance (per year) Included in subscription fee US$86
Total (one year) US$50 US$385
Total (three years) US$125 US$557



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